Welcome To NOLA

NOLA is not what we tell the guests it is. It’s what our guests tell each other it is.
— James Triffo, founder


One Look Around the internationally award winning bar NOLA and you'll realize this is a pretty special place. Bucking the trends of hidden basement bars, we've created an open and spacious area for great cocktails, tasty food, amazing music and good times.

Inspired by the culture of New Orleans, you'll find a jazz, blues and rock n roll soundtrack while you are busy browsing the menu. Drinks are all inspired by the long history of cocktails dating back to the 1800's, modern creations inspired by the crescent city as well as some drinks currently served in our favourite bars in New Orleans.

Anyone who's spent time in the crescent city can attest that it's a place that thrives on having a good time, so that's what we hope you'll have when you are with us. We may not all be lucky enough to be from New Orleans but we can all certainly embrace the idea of 'Southern Hospitality'. 

Y'All Come Back Now! 

Our love letter to the Crescent City...