BarLifeUK came a calling...


Recently London bar NOLA became the first venue outside North America to be awarded the Seal of the Sazerac, we sat down with owners Dan Priseman and James Triffo for a chat.

The Seal of the Sazerac is awarded every year by the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society (NOCCPS) to the venues serving the best Sazeracs. This prestigious award has previously only been awarded to bars in North America, that was until NOLA opened in May this year.

At a ceremony (well big party at least) Ann & Paul Tuennerman, Founders of Tales of the Cocktail, visited NOLA to hand over the trophy to Dan and James. There was, as you would expect, plenty of Sazerac’s flowing thanks to a preview of new Bulleit Rye from Diageo and Absinthe from Sip Or Mix. It also just happened to be Ann’s birthday so cake and a beautifully tuneful rendition of Happy Birthday filled the air.

It’s a hell of an achievement for a bar only a few months old so we thought we’d better sit down with them to find out a bit more about it. Whilst we were at it we also grabbed some time with Paul. Click HERE to read more.


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