Cocktail bars, inspired by the drinks, culture and rich history of New Orleans, Louisiana (or NOLA for short).  

laissez le bon temps rouleR

NOLA opened in May 2013 and was hidden inside a historic warehouse building for the first four years. Since then, the international award-winning bar has moved onto bigger a better things! Always serving quality interpretations of classic New Orleans libations; as well as daring new ventures with our signature cocktails, barrel-aged libations and Hurricanes cocktails menu.

NOLA's interior takes its inspiration from the historic architecture of classic cocktail bars the Crescent City is famous for. With a unique blend of oak paneled walls, Tiffany lamps, a blues soundtrack, access to a rooftop cigar terrace, and comfortable down-home sophistication NOLA is able to transport it's guests away from the bustling Bourbon Street vibe of New Orleans, and into the grandeur deep inside the Vieux Carré for a night you'll never forget. 

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