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Live music night with Ten Bells Rag Band

10Bells Quartet.jpg

This Bank Holiday weekend we're excited to invite you down for boozy cocktails, Southern food and traditional New Orleans Jazz from London’s East End.

Ten Bells Rag Band will be performing at NOLA on Sunday 26th of May from 8pm.

In the early years of the 20th Century, one of the hottest bands around the gin palaces and opium dens of East London were the legendary Ten Bells Rag Band.  Word of mouth at Roman Road market and the oral histories recorded during the inter-war years hold that this band were playing a syncopated form of ragtime blues a clear two decades before the Hot Five.

Sadly, no known recording exists of the band and they were last heard from in 1913. Having gambled all their money away on the train to Southampton they had to busk their passage to South Georgia. Adding further calamity, their guitar player mistakenly booked them on Shakleton’s disastrous Antarctic voyage.  

So annoyed were the rest of Shakleton’s crew by the trombone players morning ritual of shouting ‘let’s see what the weather’s like outside today’, that they marooned the band on floating ice and were never heard from again.

The emergence of a new band in 2018, bearing the same name, some three weeks after rumours that the move of the British Antarctic Survey base had disturbed the perfectly preserved remains of a group of men, a double bass and a washboard, is purely coincidental…

Bookings are highly recommended.