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Fords Gin Cocktail Masterclass: The History of Gin According to Cocktails


Join FORDS GIN at NOLA, for a cocktail odyssey through the ages whilst sipping on the very cocktails that forged gin’s rich history.

Gin and cocktails have been close bedfellows throughout history. Holding hands through the ages, their connection has endured the ebb and flow of drinking trends. From the early days of gin punch, to the current Golden Age of the Cocktail, the rise and fall of gin and cocktails has been intertwined through history.

Today, gin enjoys unparalleled popularity in the great cocktail bars of the world and no self-respecting bar would fail to give over some of their menu space to juniper-driven concoctions. Gin has a relationship with more classic cocktails than any other spirit, some receiving just a fleeting moment of fame, others enduring timelessly. The history of these drinks charts a rich course through the gin years, one which we look forward to sharing with you.

Tickets are £15 per person and are available here.