NOLA ‘at home’

Have you ever been sitting at home or in the office and been thinking I could really go for London’s best Gumbo right now? If so, this page if for you. If not, you clearly haven’t tried London’s best gumbo yet…


Po’Boy Sandwiches

The classic New Orleans lunchtime tradition. We present the Po’boy sandwich. We have a selection of P’boy sandwiches filled with everything from spicy fried chicken to beef brisket and gravy. Our Po’boys are always served ‘dressed’ and our bread is fresh baked to our exact specifications by the world-famous Rinkoff bakeries here in East London.


Hearty Meals

We LOVE Gumbo, so much so that it took us over 43 recipe trials to get our exact, final ingredients and method together. We lovingly prepare our Gumbo over a three-hour process and don’t skimp on the free-range chicken or our homemade, smoked Andouille sausages. We are also proud of our Creole Jambalaya (shrimp and chicken recipe) and our tasty vegetarian option, Gumbo Z’herbes.


Bits and Bites

Whether you are looking for that savoury treat to make your next dinner something a little special or want to go for a tried and tested favourite dessert like our famous Bourbon Pecan Pie, we have a great selection of light bites and fun finger food for you and your friends to enjoy. Or save all the sweet and savoury deliciousness for yourself… We don’t mind.